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by Kerri Iha filed under News 21 Nov, 2017
Manufacturers steam ahead with business intelligence tools

Data analytics has lit a fire under a sluggish retail sector – but it is the manufacturing industry that has galloped ahead here. The sector’s enthusiasts are focusing on one main element of this bold new digital process – predictive maintenance. As more and more machines are hooked up to sensors in the “Industrial Internet of Things”, data analytics can flag which parts may soon need repair or replacement.

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by Kerri Iha filed under News 8 Nov, 2017
From a family run business to an innovation driven one – how Armstrong Industrial decided on Open Innovation

Phyllis Ong, Deputy CEO at Armstrong Industrial, shared that Armstrong Industrial as an elastomer and foams specialist has always been focusing on its core business areas of Noise, Vibration and Heat Management. The conservative family business realises that opening up to new innovations beyond existing businesses is key to its long-term growth and success.

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by armstrong-admin filed under Industry and Corporate Awards 1 Nov, 2017
Converting Aquatic Waste into Collagen for New Applications in Medical and Consumer Industries

With increased recognition of the environmental impact and the potential loss in value of the by-products from aquatic wastes, such as frog and fish, which have been traditionally discarded, researchers are increasingly looking at how to recover biomaterials such as collagen and develop them into high value-added products for various applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.