SUTD X Armstrong 3D Printing & Design Innovation Challenge 2022

This competition is organised by SUTD to promote awareness of 3D Printing (also known as Additive Manufacturing) technologies as an assistive tool in food sector, and give the participants a better appreciation of the university’s unique pedagogy. In this competition, we challenge aspiring designers and engineers to design, create and “engineer” food in ways that inspire the way we eat.

The objectives of this competition are:

  • To create the awareness of additive manufacturing as an assistive tool in the food sector;
  • To promote STEM education;
  • To inspire design innovation, creativity and reality of engineering beyond the classroom;
  • To promote sustainability to align with 30 by 30 goal (Singapore Food Agency).

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend an informative array of workshops organised such as:

  • Introduction of 3D Printing
  • Understanding Technology and Design Through Social Scientific Lenses
  • Food Design
  • 3D Food Printing Workshop

Through these workshops, students will gain insights into 3D Printing technologies and experience how SUTD empowers our students to design, innovate and build a better world through a world-class, design-centric education in a hands-on and collaborative learning environment.

For more information on registration criteria and prizes, click here.