Re-engineered Silicone Rubber

Embracing Recycled Silicone Rubber

The Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Solution with Multiple Benefits

Using recycled silicone rubber offers multiple advantages that make it an environmentally responsible and economically viable choice. Firstly, by opting for recycled silicone, we significantly contribute to waste reduction by diverting silicone waste from landfills, lessening the burden on waste management systems, and preventing the accumulation of non-biodegradable materials.

This reduction in waste not only benefits the environment but also supports a more sustainable approach to resource management.

Re-engineered silicone rubber

Recycling silicone conserves precious natural resources like silicon and other raw materials used in silicone production. By extending the lifecycle of recycled silicone through the recycling process, we lessen the demand for new resource extraction, thus curbing the environmental impact associated with raw material acquisition.

Aside from its environmental benefits, using recycled silicone rubber also proves to be economically advantageous. The cost-effectiveness of recycling processes can result in lower material expenses for businesses, especially when compared to sourcing virgin silicone.

Furthermore, reducing waste disposal costs and potential landfill fees adds to the economic savings.

re-engineered silicone rubber
In recognition of the numerous advantages of recycled silicone rubber, Armstrong takes pride in offering the following range of silicone rubbers produced through a specialized manufacturing process that allows for the incorporation of 15% recycled silicone rubber materials.​
Hardness (Shore A)
Tensile (MPa)
Elongation (%)
  • 50 ± 5
  • 60 ± 5
  • 70 ± 5
  • 6.0 MIN
  • 6.0 MIN
  • 6.0 MIN
  • 300 MIN
  • 300 MIN
  • 300 MIN