Transportation & Mobility

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Armstrong specializes in in providing foam, film and elastomer solutions for the transportation and mobility industry. Our offerings reduce noise, dampen vibrations, manage heat, and enhance safety for a more comfortable and efficient user experience in the Automotive, Rail & Mass Transit and Personal Mobility sector.

Transportation and Mobility - Automotive


With production capabilities situated near Automotive Manufacturing hubs in Asia, Armstrong supports global Automotive OEMs by providing efficient localisation for product quality and services of global standards.

Rail & Mass Transit

An expert in material conversion and NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) solutions, Armstrong is able to offer tailored solutions that address specific needs and challenges faced by the rail and mass transit industry.

Personal Mobility

Whether it's sealing, reducing noise and vibration, or thermal management, Armstrong can provide the solutions you need to enhance the overall user experience and safety of personal mobility devices.